Gaithersburg Condos

Imagine a neighborhood as postcard-perfect tidy and classic as a fantasy Main Street, America, in Disneyland. Update it by adding in some of today’s most popular and esteemed stores and trendy boutiques. Walk the streets filled with mixed-use townhouses featuring stores on the ground level and condos on top. Saunter around the stately homes to the mid-rise condo buildings and turn your head up to see the wealth of potted flowers on balconies in the warm weather and American flags year-round. If it’s winter, between the movie theater, popular diner and bevy of restaurants with colorful awnings, stop to wave at the skaters on the pond. Wind around a short road connecting to Lakeland’s Park, the lake and playground. The Kentlands, in Gaithersburg, MD, is an idyllic neo-traditional community you could stay in every day, not need your car; work, get all your errands done, and find enough to do to relax, whether single, a couple or with kids. You could do something different probably every day for an entire year with just a stroll across the streets. Surrounding the Kentlands are other areas of Gaitherburg, filled with countryside, farmhouses in communities turned into retail-residential mixes and shopping areas along major thoroughfares. Complete all your shopping at the grocery store, organic market, arts and crafts emporium, garden center, pet store, salons, and gift shops.

Visit the optometrist and other doctors, work out in gyms or lie there for massages. Enjoy the garden and/or men’s’ club, swim and take in the Arts Barn. Dine at a wealth of restaurants from casual to dress-up, including some of the best nationwide or area chains, and Kentlands-only ethnic adventures and cafes. Lights are soft and colorful at night and in the day, sometimes even a mild winter afternoon, outdoor tables sport patrons sipping coffee during a business meeting or wine while people watching. Summer concerts are a fixture of blankets and coolers residents look forward to every year. If cooler weather is your preference, make it a point to attend the annual Oktoberfest. Buy in the Kentlands for a relatively stable real estate market due partly to the consistency of the federal government roughly 30 miles away in Washington, DC.

Faster than driving during rush hour, take the 15-minute bus ride from the Kentlands to Shady Grove station to take the Metro to downtown DC in a half hour. Many federal agencies also have offices in the suburbs close to the Kentlands. Government contractors also abound. Major malls and discount stores are abundant in Rockville, MD, about 15 minutes drive time. Baltimore and its Inner Harbor, Little Italy and Orioles baseball is about a half hour non-rush hour drive by car. Or take the MARC train from Union Station in DC. Annapolis, the capital city, is about an hour’s drive for an easy weekend’s day on the Chesapeake Bay waterfront. Maryland’s most well-known beaches are less than an hour over the bridge or, if it’s the heat of summer’s caravan to the sandy shores, nestle before the bridge. Go about an hour part the bridge to explore the villages and shorelines in Delaware. Visitors doing business long-term on government or other contracts will find the Kentlands like a resort community.

You’ll be among many residents here who rent here permanently and save elsewhere. Tucked into Montgomery County, MD, consistently rated as one of the most affluent in the country, buying or renting in the Kentlands fits into many budgets. Buy and assure yourself a solid investment. Kentlands is in an award-winning development in a community recently rated as one of the best places to live in the country. You’ll live among many who have traveled the globe and, like you, may prefer not leaving the Kentlands much after all.