Galveston Condos

Galveston, Texas is located approximately 50 miles south of Houston, Texas on Galveston Island. From Spanish and French Exploration, to port of the Texas Navy, to battle site during the Civil War, to Capital of the Republic of Texas, Galveston, Texas is rich in history. Now a booming city on the Texas Gulf Coast with an approximate population of 58,000, Galveston is the perfect location to buy real estate or a new condo. Galveston is connected to the mainland by a causeway, a toll bridge, and by ferry boats.   After the great Hurricane of 1900, Galveston residents built a 10 mile long 17-foot tall seawall to protect themselves from future hurricanes and flooding. Since its construction, a storm surge has never over topped the seawall. FM 3005, also known as Seawall Blvd, runs along the seawall. Many condos, hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops are located along Seawall Blvd.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Galveston is “The Strand.” Art galleries, night clubs, restaurants, condos, and museums are major attractions of The Strand. An Old English word meaning “shore” or “river bank,” The Strand was originally Galveston’s main business center and was sometimes referred to as “The Wall Street of the South.” The Strand is host to two major Festivals each year, Mardi Gras in February and Dickens on the Strand in December. A new addition to Galveston Island is the Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark.

Covering approximately 15 acres, Schlitterbahn Galveston Island is part of the Schitterbahn family of waterparks, a heavy hitter in the waterpark arena, and considered the one of the World’s Best by the Travel Channel. Offering over 20 water attractions, the park is open all year round!  Galveston is also home to the University of Texas Medical Branch, the oldest Medical School west of the Mississippi River. Serving the burn victims and home to a Level I Trauma center, UTMB is a growing health complex now covering 85 acres, The UTMB campus has 7 hospitals to serve condo residents and other locals, and is the largest employer in Galveston County.

There are always a number of condominiums available in the Galveston area. One-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom condos are available near The Strand or UTMB. All children of year-round condo residents living in Galveston attend schools in the Galveston Independent School District. A number of private schools are also located in Galveston, Texas. Seaside cities have always exuded a potent allure for those seeking to escape the hectic, confined lifestyle of city dwelling. For day trips, vacations and second homes, Texans in general and Houstonians in particular have headed south to Galveston.

From soft, sandy beaches to famous 19th century architecture, Galveston Island is surrounded with incredible history and unique beauty. Besides its entrancing sea Galveston features attractions large and small. From the spectacular Moody Gardens to the interesting shops and cafes of The Strand historical district, Galveston is a distinctive adventure. Just 40 minutes south of the fourth largest city in America, Galveston has long been Houston’s favorite playground. With 32 miles of relaxing beaches, superb restaurants, top resort hotels, marvelous shopping, numerous antique stores, incredible art galleries, fabulous entertainment and one of the largest concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country, it’s no wonder Galveston is Texas’ favorite destination.

The popular vacation spot is becoming an increasingly popular place to call home as well. Busy professionals and seniors have been investing in second homes on Galveston for years. As the economy expands and island population increases, many of these visitors are becoming year-round residents. Young adults just starting their families are discovering Galveston as well. Investing in well placed, affordable condominium projects is providing them with top quality housing in a fascinating and invigorating area. With so much to see and do in Galveston, condos are the increasingly popular choice for new residents. New high-rise projects are bringing luxurious as well as affordable options to prospective home owners.

And Galveston’s rich history and market stability assures their investment will grow in time. It’s always been a historical destination. And now it’s a place more people call home. It’s easy to understand how visitors to Galveston become residents. Great resort amenities, museums, cultural activities and theme parks are found throughout the island. The golf and tennis options are exceptional. But Galveston is a complete island community as well, featuring top medical facilities, schools and shopping. It features everything you’d want in residential community—and a whole lot more. It’s also why many residents of Galveston haven’t made a trip back to the “mainland” in years. They don’t lack for anything in this unique, tropical paradise.

They know Houston is easy to get to—they simply see no reason to leave. For a growing number of Texans, Galveston is a great place to call home.