Fort Worth

Fort Worth Condos

If you’re looking for big city life with small town coziness, look no further than Fort Worth, Texas. With a population of approximately 624,000, Fort Worth is the 19th largest American city–a humble, but capable size that affords its residents and visitors big city perks, such as world-class entertainment and big-budget maintenance, yet is manageable enough to secure the safety and comfort of small town standards.

For a sense of relief from city commotion, a condominium in one of Fort Worth’s many well-kept suburban refuges will keep you close, but separate from the fast pace of downtown. Prairie hills and rugged trees highlight the rural landscape in these parts of Forth Worth, as well as breathtaking views of the city. This Texas countryside is fertile ground for Fort Worth real estate developments, as its proximity to downtown Fort Worth, Dallas, and the provinces in between make this land some of the most coveted in the DFW Metroplex.

Downtown Fort Worth condos are also a cherished locale. Distinguished by a daily expo of urban commerce, Downtown Fort Worth includes three main districts: the Downtown District, the Historical District, and the Cultural District.

In Downtown Fort Worth you will find an architecturally revealing portrait of Old Texas and New Texas. With original buildings, such as the City National Bank Building, dating back to the late 1800’s, and beautiful red brick roads interwoven with newly paved streets and colorful modern structures, condos in Fort Worth’s downtown district boast a truly unique aura of Texas spirit. In the 1800’’s, the legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid frequented this area in Fort Worth regularly–then a western village of dirt roads, saloons, gambling parlors, horses and–yes–cowboys. This particular area is now known as Sundance Square, and harbors a collection of specialty shops, hometown pubs, dazzling nightclubs, and gourmet restaurants.

The Old West is preserved most of all in Fort Worth’s Historical District, home to the legendary Fort Worth Stockyards. In the latter half of the nineteenth century, millions of cattle were driven from South Texas to the North Country, and the cattle drivers always stopped in the Stockyards to check their herds, replenish supplies, and rest up for the voyage to Kansas. Today this legacy continues with daily cattle drives through the  streets–a family feat not to be missed when in the Stockyards! Fort Worth’s Historical District also hosts Wild West reenactments, weekly rodeos, square dances, and other western festivities that give Texas its name in the world today.

But Fort Worth is not all Western folklore. Science, art, and culture stir the melting pot in Fort Worth’s Cultural District. Located just north of Downtown, condominiums in Fort Worth’s Cultural District are virtually next door to some of the finest art exhibits, science museums, and performance venues in Texas. The Kimbell Art Museum, Modern Art Museum, Amon Carter Museum, Cattle Raisers Museum, Cowgirl Museum, Carol Henderson Gallery, William Campbell Contemporary Art Gallery, Edmund-Craig Gallery, and the Will Rogers Center are just a few reasons why Fort Worth’s Cultural District attracts more than 1 million visitors every year, many of whom are celebrated artists themselves.

There is more diversity in Fort Worth than in some cities twice its size, and its residents reflect this pride in the lives they live. From the cowboys and mock gunfights in the Stockyards to the world-renowned composers conducting at Downtown’s Bass Hall, Fort Worth offers a flavor of Texas for everybody’s pallet. knows you want more than a fabulous condominium that caters to your individuality, but also a viable location that will enable the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

So if an eclectic mix of urban elegance, rural beauty, and Texas pride appeals to you, then Fort Worth condos are calling you.