Oklahoma Condos

Oklahoma has a state population just over 3.5 million and one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, helping create many new condo developments in the state. 60% of the state’s population lives either in the Tulsa or Oklahoma City metropolitan areas. Oklahoma City is the state capital as well as largest city, with steadily growing suburbs. Norman, the third most populous city in Oklahoma, just over 100,000 residents, offers small town fell with big city amenities including urban condo communities. Seven other cities in Oklahoma have populations over 50,000 and outside of these rural communities and ranch land make up the scenery.

Oklahoma is known for its rich Native American heritage, with 67 tribes represented and 25 native languages spoken. Most of Oklahoma is within the Great Plains with small mountain ranges, prairie, and eastern forests. Oklahoma is bordered by Arkansas and Missouri to the east, Texas on the south and west, Colorado on the northwest, and Kansas on the north. Buying a condo and living in Oklahoma offers unique scenery along the historic Route 66, casinos, museums, state parks, and professional sports teams to mention a few.