Minnesota Condos

Minnesota has a population of over 5 million in the state, with around 60% living in the Twin Cities metropolitan area (Saint Paul and Minneapolis) which offer many options when looking to buy a condo. There are eighteen cities with populations over 50,000 but only three outside the Twin Cities area; Rochester, Duluth and Saint Cloud.

There are five regions Minnesota is typically divided into: Northwest, Northeast, Central, Metro (Minneapolis/ St. Paul) and South. The northwest region is bordered to the west by North Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba to the north, buying a condo here provides access to the largest lakes in the state as well as paved biking trails, golf courses and wildlife habitats. The northeast region is bordered by Lake Superior and the Canadian province of Ontario, offering miles of rivers with rapids and waterfalls to hike and bike along or kayak and fish. Duluth, located in the northeast region offers big city living and many urban neighborhoods with condominiums. Minnesota’s central region has wooded hills and farmland surrounding its lakes offering a slower pace of living than the big cities while offering all of the living amenities in their condominiums. The Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) make up the metro region, offering a cosmopolitan way of life including an exciting arts district, notable restaurants, museums and architecture. Many condos, urban and traditional can be found throughout the metro region. And the south region of Minnesota introduces you to small towns placed in scenic valleys, prairie and grasslands with streams and wooded bluffs stretching across the land.

The climate in Minnesota is characterized as a continental climate, having cold winters and hot summers. Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, owning a condo in Minnesota offers the convenience of many outdoor activities with several of them involving water, or frozen water in the winter months.