Michigan Condos

Michigan has a current population growing over 10 million, the world’s longest freshwater coastline, miles of beaches, countless cherry orchards and acres of nature unharmed by modern life; deciding to  own a condo in this expansive state can make it your playground. Enjoying activities such as hiking, biking and cross country skiing as well as lakes and rivers for water sports which makes it no wonder Michigan has a thriving tourism industry.

A large portion of Michigan’s population is located in the southeastern corner of the state in and around Detroit, where there are many condos available throughout the city. Some other large urban cities in Michigan that offer a great quality of life for condo living include Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, Clinton, Livonia and Dearborn.

The climate in Michigan is considered a humid continental climate although this includes two distinct regions. The northern portion of the Lower Peninsula as well as the entire Upper Peninsula experiences warm, but brief summers and long cold to very cold winters. The southern and central areas of the Lower Peninsula have a much warmer climate with hot summers and cold winters.