Watertown Condos

Watertown is located six miles northwest of Boston in Middlesex County along the Charles River. Founded in 1640 it is one of the original Massachusetts Bay settlements. Settlers landed on its fertile shores thousands of years after the Indians. It grew  from a mill town to a wider industrial base. Watertown  Square is  what resulted from industry growth along the  Charles River.  Further developments have changed the landscape to include modern condos, town homes and single family homes. The Perkins School for the Blind  and Oakley Country Club are converted estates. Today condo conversions are a popular choice for new arrivals, second home purchases and long time residents. The small town enjoys its convenient  proximity to Boston,unique social and residential make up and unique local characteristics and identity.

Watertown is  like most suburbs of  Boston,  steeped in history and continuing to grow as property values escalate with the rise in population and not so dramatic rise in  inventory. Its diversity is in part due to its convenience to Boston, its lower priced offerings compared to Boston’s more expensive neighborhoods. Connections by railway, bus, and the Massachusetts Turnpike have made Watertown awaiting oasis to buy a  more affordable condo  in an “attractive,affordable, alternative to more expensive commercial communities.” Its period homes and historic neighborhoods are perfect places for buyers looking to own a single family home, town house,  or multi-unitbuilding.  A growing demand has meant a rise in modern developed communities with condos and town homes.

Residents of Watertown engage their city and take pride in calling it their own. it streets are alive with music and “boast” a higher level of citizen involvement. Watertown Square show cases its history, current business activity, shops, boutiques, shopping malls,swimming pools, tennis clubs and skating rinks. Other venues include the riverbank, parks,  nearby  forest preserves, yachting and more.Downtown Boston is a short car ride or commute on the Greenline for all of the other social an cultural options it can provide  Watertown continues to play a vital role in history. It was the temporary seat for government during the American Revolution. Many historical sites and homes dot the landscapes. Downtown  Watertown or Watertown Square is filled with small businesses, shops, and converted homes. You will find plenty to see and do on Main St,  Mt. Auburn Ave and Marshall. Historic sites house offices, organizations, families and more frequently apartments and  condo conversions.

Condos in Watertown run the range of  most anyplace else in Boston.  There appears to be more newer developments of one and two bedroom units than conversions of apartments, duplexes and older homes. They offer porches and decks, along with pools,  tennis courts,and exercise facilities. Kitchens come with granite counters and stainless steel appliances just like larger units. It appears that single professionals in Watertown are in growing demand and so are housing opportunities that will satisfy them. Larger, higher end condominiums have been developed on Pleasant St close to the  Waltham side. They offer three or more bedrooms with a unique set of amenities.

They are priced up to a half a million or more, resplendent with amenities:  kitchens  in cherry paneling, hardwood floors, gas fire places, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, Jacuzzi tubs, pools, tennis courts, separate showers,vaulted ceilings, attached two car garages and more. Town homes and ranch style homes at the high end are also appearing  in open spaces.Watertown Square still houses a lot of  the historic shopping and business  but  increasing developments have long since placed activity in other areas like Pleasant St and  other expanding neighborhoods.

It isn’t just  a younger crowd of working residents  staking a claim to condo mania but empty nesters,  baby boomers, investors and  second home buyers and for many a condo in Watertown is still a pretty good choice.