East Boston

East Boston Condos

East Boston was originally five islands, marshlands that were connected using landfill, later annexed by the city of Boston in 1836. It is separated on the other side by Boston Harbor and Winthrop, Revere and Chelsea Creek The north end and the city’s financial district is west of its shore. East Boston is filled with wonderful stores, restaurants and businesses representing a variety of ethnic groups and immigrants. Recent changes and condo developments have attempted to reconnect it with Boston’s main water front. 38,000 people combine to form a “potpourri” of cultures.

About half the residents hail from South America and Mexico. Logan International Airport began as an air field and expanded to its current location. Though East Boston is known for its spectacular views of downtown Boston there aren’t many luxury condos to exploit it. Apartment conversions are on the rise but rents and property appreciation has been slow in comparison to the greatly accelerated rates for condos, lofts, and other properties in the greater Boston metro area during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Growing population in East Boston has allowed use of inventory and increase development. Boston is a short commute away for residents who contribute to the larger cultural diversity Boston itself can offer. A new crop of immigrants have seen historic buildings of three stories or more restored to their “former glory” as apartments, condominiums and multi housing units. East Boston condos run a wide range between one, two, and three bedrooms or more. They consist of apartment conversions, renovated three story homes, large new single family homes, town homes and multi-family units. Many appear to have standard layouts that include living rooms, kitchens, master bed rooms, additional bed rooms, dining rooms and laundry facilities.

Recently refinished kitchens and bathrooms have been retiled, laid with marble, linoleum, tiles or whatever and further accented with fixtures. Properties with more space offer stair cases, walls of windows, eat in kitchens, plenty of oversized windows, new paneling, hard wood floors, balconies, stainless steel appliances. For much of the inventory the amenities are much the same. The space and the price vary and as always location means a lot. Industrial conversions have been added to the list but the inventory of East Bay’s condos represent quite a variety.

The higher the price the more space you get but even at the high end prices for condos in East Bay don’t go over a half a million. Growth in condominium development has picked up by in large from the efforts of the Boston Redevelopment Authority. East Boston is still slow in terms of the pace of the development compared to other areas. Difficulties with the area along the waterfront and negative plans for projects too close to Logan Airport have slowed previous efforts. The number of conversions and developments for condos in neighborhoods in East Boston have improved.

Despite tunnel commutes on the Sumner or Callahan or a route via the Tobin Bridge, East Boston’s residents have secured their role in the new Boston despite their location and immigrant mix. Boston and its neighborhoods have a wealth of resources to enjoy, inside and outside their neighborhoods. Condominiums, lofts, town homes, and multi-unit residences are growing options for new arrivals and life time residents are taking advantage.

As the economy continues to grow and diversify with jobs in network systems data communications, computer software programming, health care ,biomedical engineering, and supporting technologies will also contribute to population growth this major new period of city building and economic will continue to benefit East Boston and expand its condo offerings.