Maine Condos

With a population approaching 1.5 million, Main is not only a destination for vacationers but a permanent living destination that offers a great selection of condos. Main is the easternmost state in the contiguous U.S. and is also the northernmost state in New England; bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, New Hampshire to the southwest, and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick to the north. Divided into eight regions, each offering distinct activities and events, Maine is known for its scenery, so a view comes standard in most condominiums. The coastline of Maine is rocky and jagged but as you move inland you will find rolling hills and mountains that lead to a heavily forested and uninhabited inland. Maine offers 6,000 lakes, 32,000 miles of rivers, 5,000 miles of coast and 17 million acres of forestland to spread out along in search for your condo.

Portland, the former capital city and current most populated city in Maine, with a population growing over 65,000 residents, offers condos in areas ranging from densely populated urban neighborhoods to quaint island communities. All other cities in Maine have populations under 40,000, with most in the 10-15,000 range, great for buying a condo and raising a family.