Iowa Condos

Often referred to as the “American Heartland”, Iowa is known as a genuinely great place to live, work, play and raise a family, making it an even greater place to own a condo! The Mississippi River forms the eastern border of Iowa between Wisconsin and Illinois, Missouri borders to the south, Nebraska and South Dakota to the west and Minnesota to the north. The population of Iowa is a little more than 3 million, with urban communities such as those in the counties of Dallas, Johnson, Linn and Polk growing rapidly. Typically, Iowa is talked about in regions; Central Iowa, Eastern Iowa, and Western Iowa. Located in Central Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa’s largest city as well as the capital city offers art, theater, history and urban entertainment; a great lively setting for owning a condo. Eastern Iowa is home to many vibrant historic towns including Iowa City, if purchasing a condo in a rural area of Iowa is more appealing. And if you look to own a condo with a view, Western Iowa is for you boasting the Loess Hills and Iowa Great Lakes.