North Side

North Side Condos

Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago’s North Side is a haven for condo dwellers who seek an elegant neighborhood that mixes both high rises and charming vintage buildings with ease.    Few areas in Chicago are more about condo living than is this densely populated neighborhood. It appeals to young people in search of their first post-college homes, young families just starting out and empty nesters trading the hassles of owning a large suburban home for the ease of condo living in an urban environment.

Condo buyers find units in charming old brown and gray stone buildings as well as in skyscapers that hug the lakeshore and offer dramatic views in any direction you look.   In vintage units, condo dwellers may find such high-end features as original, carved woodwork, bay windows overlooking tree-lined streets, stained glass windows, formal dining rooms with ornate built-cabinets, and fireplaces with tile or marble hearths.

In an older, low-rise unit, your view may be of the canopy of trees over the street below. From the windows of highrises, views are more dramatic. Look to the south and west, and you will see Chicago’s distinctive cityscape that includes the lake waters and such landmarks as the John Hancock Building or Sears Tower. Other views that are just as compelling are to and may feature Lincoln Park or the sandy beaches along  Lake Michigan.   This upscale neighborhood brings high expectations among condo dwellers for units that are furnished with the best in materials and with all of the luxuries that one might expect such as 24-hour doormen, attached parking, rooftop decks with swimming pools and barbeque grills.

Condos come in all sizes and types on the North Side. A duplex on a tree-lined street may offer such amenties as fire places, gracious living and dining rooms, decks overlooking green and prettily landscaped backyards, stainless steel appliances, and custom finishes from granite counters in kitchens to marble in bathrooms.   As upscale as the North Side is, it is also a place that draws first-time homebuyers of condos. They seek units in renovated apartment buildings. These are more affordable and present an investment opportunity for someone who wishes to buy a condo and rent it out.

The North Side, with its access to the lake and convenient transporation by bus or elevated train, is a draw for condo dwellers who seek an urban lifestyle that does not leave them spending hours daily stuck in traffic. There are plenty of ways to spend leisure time on the North Side. There is golfing at park district facilities, boating and jogging and roller blading along the lake shore. Just sunning on the green lawns of Lincoln Park, one of the gems of this area, is a Saturday afternoon occupation for many.

Restaurants, nightclubs, taverns and small theatres where off-beat and avant garde theatre companies present their works are other ways to spend your time on Chicago’s North Side. Shops and boutiques with designer clothing, home decor, artwork, and other one-of-kind items are a mainstay of this area.   Chicago’s North Side is a diverse neighborhood that appeals to condo buyers who seek sophistication in their homes whether their condo is a vintage unit that evokes the charm and elegance of yesteryear or is a condo in a new high-rise with contemporary flair and gorgeous views to match.