Evanston Condos

Evanston can be found in Cook County, Illinois. It actually borders Chicago directly, and the town of Evanston is about ten miles from the city center. This is one of the area’s more upscale suburbs, and is a very attractive city to live in. It’s a great distance from downtown Chicago – it’s close enough is that commuting is a breeze and there are many options for getting in and out of the city. It’s also far enough away to be a little bit more sedate. If you’d like to move to a place that is somewhat more relaxing than downtown Chicago and yet not lose that urban feel, Evanston is a great choice!

As of the 2010 census, Evanston has a population of roughly 73,000 individuals, and it seems as though this population will grow in the near future. For those who have college on the brain, Evanston is also home of Northwestern University, which is one of the premier educational epicenters of the Midwest. This charming little town truly does have it all. If you are thinking about moving to Evanston, be sure to consider a condo. Condos offer more square foot per dollar as compared to single-family homes, and also come with amenities that you might not be able to afford else wise. In pricey Evanston, a condo is often an affordable way to get your foot in the door and settle down. Be sure to talk to the experts at Condo Company to learn more about Evanston condos and how to make a decision that is right for you. Evanston, the first city outside Chicago on the north side, is a lakeside city with thriving businesses, a wealth of restaurants and a long list of attractive condo properties from high-rises to low-rise vintage units.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a city that brought the world Tinkertoys (invented here in 1914), and where the name for the ice cream sundae originated? It’s location on Lake Michigan adds to its allure. Views of sailboats bobbing on the waters in summer and chunks of ice floating in it in the winter are a lovely backdrop to this city of more than 70,000 residents. The lakefront beach is a popular place to be in summertime to soak up the rays or to take a dip. From the beach, you can see the green lawns and magnificent buildings of the campus of Northwestern Unversity. The prestigious institution was founded in 1850s. It attracts students from around the world and adds to the city’s cultural diversity. The city was founded around the same time as the university and was named for John Evans (in honor of one of the city’s founders) on Febuary 15, 1857. Despite being so close to the city of Chicago, Evanston was determined to remain independent. By the early 1900s, it had resisted three times efforts to be annexed to the city of Chicago. Indepdendence remains a theme today. The city has national chain stores and restaurants, but also boasts a large number of independent eateries, shops, boutiques and stores.

As a university town, there are cheap eats at pizza places and sandwich shops as well as upscale dining at five-star restaurants. Trendy boutiques, book stores, cafes and other interesting places are part of Evanston’s dynamic retail scene. Affluent residents began moving to Evanston in the late 19th century. They built beautiful mansions and distinctive homes that helped earn the city the nickname “the city of homes.” The city’s independent streak is also seen in its housing. There is something to suit everyone’s needs in Evanston, from high-rise condos to new construction to condo buildings converted from apartment buildings constructed in the 1960s. A 1967 zoning ordinance allowed tall buildings to be constructed in Evanston. The first was the 22-story State National Bank Building, built in 1969 There also are prices for condos to fit every pocketbook. It’s possible to buy a one bedroom condo in Evanston, in one of those condos buildings coverted from apartments, starting at about $135,000.

These units will feature renovations and some nice features such as hardwood floors. The prices go up from there to well over the $1 million mark for upscale, deluxe condos that offer all the bells and whistles of new construction. For people who want a home in the sky, high rise condos are abundant in Evanston. A two bedroom, two bath unit that offers an upgraded kitchen with granite-topped island and counters, beautiful hardwood floors, large bathrooms is about $350,000. It also may offer stunning views of the lake or of the campus, as well as those amenities one expects in a high-rise: garage parking and a 24-hour doorman. Evanston appeals to students and to people who want to live in an exciting setting and have the convenience of being close to Chicago. The city is served by elevated trains that take commuters into the city in a matter of minutes and is near expressways.

When it comes to condo living, there is plenty to like about Evanston, a city where condos are thriving and providing great places in which to live or invest.