Chicago Condos

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. Although it has all the flair and sophistication of any metropolis, the city of Chicago is actually a compilation of 77 different neighborhoods with many different styles of condos, giving it the feel of a small town.  From Chinatown to the Gold Coast, Chicago’s neighborhoods, with all their diversity, fuse together to give the city its flavor making the real estate market quite cohesive. The Magnificent Miles adds high style Condos; the Art Institute provides world class culture and streets like Milwaukee Avenue and Argyle Street give international appeal with the diverse architectural condos and real estate..   Many destinations synonymous with Chicago – Wrigley Field, Soldier’s Field, Cellular Field, the United Center and Harpo studios are all within the city limits.  Magnificent Condos extend more than 20 miles along the lakefront, and then sprawl inland to the west. The Chicago River divides the city into its three main sections – North Side, South Side and West Side. Chicago is conveniently laid out in a grid system, although because the city isn’t a perfect rectangle, the grid doesn’t always go straight. Six diagonal streets ease movement around the city.

Chicago’s real estate market is hot. Downtown is exploding with new luxury hotel and condo developments. The average downtown apartment building’s occupancy rate is over 96 percent.   An improved job market has only boosted demand, and many developers are also busy converting thousands of downtown apartments into condominiums.  In 1990, the Downtown Chicago market consisted of approximately 48,000 housing units. Currently, there are over 80,000 housing units in the Downtown market, and by 2008, there is expected to be over 95,000 housing units in the Downtown area.  Nearly half of the housing units in the Downtown market were located in the Gold Coast area in 1990; but by 2008, with all the development activity in many of the other neighborhoods, the Gold Coast will only account for 25 percent of the Downtown housing units.

Chicagoans are proud to boast the splendors of their city from it being home to the only free zoo in the United States to housing the 2005 World Series champs the Chicago White Sox.  With the planned expansion of O’Hare International Airport and McCormick Place convention center, the city will only continue to grow.