Kona Condos

Kona Real Estate, along the western coast of the island of Hawaii. It is Hawaii’s coffee belt and the only coffee-producing area in the United States so you might think it would be a strange place to have a Luxury Condo.

But the Kona coast, with fine deep-sea fishing offshore, is a favorite tourist spot. While searching for your Condo Company condo be sure to go to Kealakelua Bay, there stands a monument to English explorer Capt. James Cook, killed there by natives in 1779. Kailua Bay to the north was the landing site in 1820 of the first U.S. missionaries to Hawaii.

This area is in high demand but we are sure we’ll find you some Condos for sale that will be everything you want and more Your Kona Condo is also the Home of the Ironman Triathlon, contestants race thru the Kona district for a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bike race and 26.2-mile run.

Competitors have 17 hours to finish. (I would need 17 days) There is also whale watching and for the true nature lover swimming with the dolphins