Kauai Condos

Known as the “Garden Isle”, Kauai is a combination contrasting climates and landscapes, palm fringed golden sand beaches, and budding condo and housing markets in over two dozen small, friendly towns.  As one of the wettest spots on Earth with an annual average rainfall of 460 inches, Kauai supports a variety of lush plant life and is home to many scenic waterfalls.  Kauai’s two highest mountain peaks, Kawaikini and Waialeale, rise near the center of the island as monoliths overlooking tropical rainforests, sand dune cliffs, and dramatic canyons and valleys below

It is in the environment that residents find solace and formed welcoming communities with warm, unhurried atmospheres.   The southeast coast of Kauai is the site of most commerce and real estate development on the island.  Sitting just west of the island’s centrally located airport is the isle capitol of Lihue, which hosts millions of visitors each year.

Four miles separates the capital city from Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai’s largest passenger and cargo port.  Other harbors like Port Allen are strung along the island’s coast and used primarily for smaller commerce and recreational vessels.   Kapaa, the largest city on Kauai at a population of nearly 10,000 lies north of Lihue.  Located along the inspiring “Coconut Coast”, the city has seen the majority of the island’s growth in Kauai condominium and tourist resort developments.