Honolulu Condos

With Its high rise buildings and great restaurants, fabulous night life and many attractions, A Honolulu Condo stands head and shoulders above other Honolulu Real Estate. The Luxury Condo Market of Honolulu is really the history of Oahu.

The island was an independent fiefdom until the 1780s when Oahu saw the start of an influx of foreign missionaries and whalers that arrived on other Hawaiian Islands. By the 1840s, with Condos for sale all over Honolulu downtown was a busy port town doing a brisk trade in the sandalwood harvested on the island.

Sandalwood later gave way to sugar, and laborers from China, Japan, Portugal and the Philippines were brought in to work the plantations The Condo Company says with its year round temp. in the 70’s there is no bad time to visit Honolulu so you can partake in its many year round activities!