Hilo Condos

Some people want their Luxury Condo in a more city like area, so we at The Condo Company recommend the city of Hilo.

Located on the other side of the big Island of Hawaii lies the import/export capital of Hilo on Hilo Bay of Hawaii island; settled by missionaries’ c.1822. The second largest city in the state, a port of entry, and the only metropolitan area on Hawaii Island but there are still condos for sale, Hilo is the trade and shipping center for an orchid, papaya, and macadamia-nut region. Fish and prawns are also important, but tourism is the leading source of income.

In addition to Hilo Real Estate, Hilo’s points of interest are the peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, which rise behind the city and offer spectacular views from you Hilo Condo; the Lyman Mission House (c.1839); a state park in the bay front area; and an island park in Hilo Bay. The Univ. of Hawaii at Hilo is also in the city.