Powder Springs

Powder Springs Condos

From singles just out of college, to couples looking for retirement, it is easy for anyone to proudly call Powder Springs their home. With Atlanta’s Hartsfield International airport only 8 miles away, and downtown Atlanta only 23 miles away, you will find yourself next door to endless opportunities. But if commuting is not for you, Powder Springs has plenty of local jobs and incentives for business owners.

Entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Powder Springs may receive numerous tax credits and limited fees on business licenses and building permit fees.

Don’t worry if owning a business isn’t your thing, Powder Springs is not all about work and no play. With over 240 acres of parks and conservation land, Powder Springs has plenty to offer with recreation and relaxation. Powder Springs is unique for its city-wide trail system, and its number of parks in the area. The Silver Comet trail runs throughout the city with two trails that branch off and connect to other parts of the city such as historic downtown and the library. The beauty of these trails is that they serve multiple purposes: they can be used for leisure or transportation.

Now imagine having a condo and working in Powder Springs. Instead of waking up and having to fight traffic to Atlanta, you could walk to work through one of the many city-wide trails. Not only would you be exercising and getting to work on time, but you would be passing shops and restaurants along the way so you could grab some breakfast. And since Powder Springs is in the lovely South, you will enjoy a mild climate on the trail year-round.

Powder Springs offers affordable condominiums and rental properties. It also offers its residents easy access to the city, as it is only minutes away from the three major interstates in North Georgia, I-20, I-75, and I-85; talk about prime location! So why haven’t you packed you bags yet? Isn’t time to come see what you have been missing?