Eatonton Condos

Eatonton is located in Putnam County, 73 miles southeast of Atlanta. This strong manufacturing community is home to over 28 industrial manufacturers.  The city is a hotspot for entrepreneurs with its aggressive business incentives. Eatonton businesses take advantage of Quick Start in conjunction with the Central Georgia Technical College Learning Center. The Quick Start program is an initiative in which Georgia pays for the initial hiring and training of individuals into private businesses, creating a win-win for both employers and area labor figures.

Dairy and timber are the two top sources of agricultural revenue for the area, and each June, Eatonton welcomes the nation to its annual Dairy Festival.   Horton Homes and Georgia Power Company are among the area’s biggest employers. There are two industrial parks on Eatonton’s stretch of U.S. Highway 441, one to the north of the city, the other to the south.

Eatonton residents enjoy the downtown square with an abundance of unique shops and restaurants. The Antebellum architecture adds striking detail to this community, where walking tours of beautiful older homes lend people a glimpse into the lives, living conditions, and experiences of our ancestors. Owning an Eatonton condominium can be viewed as a good real estate investment because of the city’s continual efforts to expand and improve its area. Atlanta is also growing in Eatonton’s direction, making this a potential location for future commuters.

Residents love to play golf at Cuscowilla Golf Resort on Lake Oconee, a place that draws many visitors to engage in local water sports and times of leisure in the quite countryside. Lake Sinclair and the Great Waters at Reynold Plantation also lead to spectacular water events nearly all year long.

A special tribute to Brer Rabbit can be found on the town square and unique small town installations such as the Uncle Remus Museum and Lawrence Shoals Park can be savored by the whole family.

There is still plenty of real estate in Eatonton, as the world is quietly waking up to the benefits of being a short trip from Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, and Savannah, all while maintaining a cozy, rural atmosphere.