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For over 100 years Palm Beach has been the oasis of the Wealthy and Powerful. Some of the names may have changed but the very essence of this highly prized 14-mile-long strip of heaven has not. In the old days, Palm Beach tropical landscape was the backdrop of a jet-set social season originally only 10 weeks long – mid-December to Feb. 23, the day after the George Washington Birthday Ball at Henry Flagler’s mansion. When the social season ended in Palm Beach, it shifted and scattered north to New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, to the mansions of the worlds most affluent. And while changing times and the advent of air conditioning have quadrupled the length of the season, now from November to April, Palm Beach Real Estate has still kept pace. has a lasting respect and appreciation for the rich pedigree offered by Palm Beach and is committed to allowing that to flourish

Palm Beach Condos have always been synonymous with a Life of Luxury, Be it an Old World Mansion or an ultra-modern Ocean Front Condominium, A Palm Beach address means that only the best will suffice. Palm Beach’s first Real Estate Magnet, Henry Morrison Flagler “discovered” Palm Beach when he opened the Royal Poinciana Hotel in the winter of 1894 and claimed the island as the country’s premier winter resort. Flagler’s beloved mansion “Whitehall”, was sold by his heirs in 1925 and used as an elegant hotel residence until 1959, when Jean Flagler Matthews purchased the real estate, acquired many of the mansion’s original furnishings and opened it as the Flagler Museum off Coconut Row, says James Augustine Ponce, resident historian for the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and The Breakers hotel.

Integral to Palm Beach’s colorful history was the organizations created during the ’20s, ’30 and ’40s. Organized by like-minded residents, these groups were developed to preserve Palm Beach and ensure its integrity for years to come. Their work is still evident as you walk down fabled Worth Avenue or stroll up Royal Palm Way. As spectacular new high rise Palm Beach Condominiums add to the landscape, more and more people are able to own their own little piece of this revered resort

From the historic Breakers Hotel to the lavish Worth Avenue, every square foot of Palm Beach real estate is built on a rich tradition of history and privilege. is uniquely positioned to showcase both Palm Beach and its unparalleled lifestyle.

Palm Beach has always been more than lavish parties and ornate buildings; the island’s history is rooted in the people who have called this enchanting place home. They are the industrialists and the socialites, the civic leaders and the cultural elite, people dedicated to keeping alive the notion that Palm Beach is like nowhere else in the world. That notion, has endured. For everyone from Hollywood stars to heads of state, from literary and artistic icons to Old Money and international business magnates, the allure of this lush island has been irresistible. It is known all over the world as a city synonymous with “The Good Life”.