Orlando Condos

Orlando Condos

Orlando’s history dates back to 1838 and the height of the Seminole Wars. The U.S. Army built Fort Gatlin south of the present day Orlando City limits to protect settlers from attacks by Indians. By 1840, a small community had grown up around the Fort. It was known as Jernigan, named after the Jernigan family, who had established the first stable settlement in the area. Jernigan had a post office, established May 30th, 1850. Six years later with the settlement expanding northward, the public officially changed its name to Orlando. In 1857, the U.S. Post Office adopted the name change. The Town of Orlando was incorporated in 1875 with 85 inhabitants, 22 of whom were qualified voters.

History is not as apparent on where the name Orlando originated. There are four stories that are told. One involves Judge James Speer, who worked hard in getting Orlando as the county seat, naming Orlando after a man who once worked for him. Another is that Speer named it after a character from Shakespeare’s, “As You Like It”. A third version has Mr. Orlando on his way to Tampa with a caravan of ox. It is said that he got ill, died and was buried, and that folks would come by and say, “There lies Orlando”

The most common story is about a company of soldiers on duty during the height of the Seminole Wars. After battling Indians back into the swamps on the east side of Lake Minnie (now Cherokee), the military troop settled there for the night. Sentinel Orlando Reeves was guarding the camp when he spotted a log floating toward him. Recognizing the Indian masquerade and wanting to warn his fellow soldiers, he fired his gun. Arrows felled the poor fellow as the Indians came out to ensnare the camp. The Indians were chased back again, and the south side of Lake Eola was chosen to bury Orlando Reeves.

Orlando Condos and Real Estate has come of age in the center of Florida . Mickey Mouse, everybody’s favorite mouse has caused the sleepy town to explode with tourists over the past several decades. With the population increase, a natural effect of wanting luxury condos to vacation and live in. Developers throughout the world have recognized the real estate needs of those in Orlando . There are currently several new condo projects rising in the downtown area of Orlando . It is more than tourists who are finding that this city is magical. The Orland music scene has helped find many top notch performers. And yes these same performers are buying condos and real estate in central Florida ! If you are considering buying a condo in Orlando, talk with the Realtors at The Condo Company, professionals who can help you find the perfect Condo, and help you lease it as a vacation rental property.