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On one side, nine miles of pristine sand and the crystal blue, eighty-degree Atlantic Ocean are the glorious view for the condos lining the shore; on the other side is the contained waters of Biscayne Bay and Intracoastal waterway with its boats of all shapes and sizes passing the day away; and in between sits Miami Beach, the American Riviera. Condominiums and Miami Beach are like two peas in a pod.

Whether you are interested in buying or renting, luxury or efficiency, on the water or inland, Miami Beach is sure to have the condo that you are looking for. When purchasing a Miami Beach condo there are many options and price ranges for your choosing and The Condo Company can help you sort through these options and make the best choice.

If luxury is what you are after, new condominiums are recently finished, or still under construction. These condos are for sale South of Fifth Street, on the beach, and inland. The condos South of 5th have glorious views of Downtown Miami, The Port of Miami, the art deco district, Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and the luxury homes on the islands running parallel to MacArthur Causeway.

With Miami Beach condominiums booming like never before, the luxury condos South of 5th are the best of the best with a surrounding area that places food, entertainment, and amenities unique to Miami Beach all within walking distance. Inland, there are new structures available that sit along Biscayne Bay. These condos offer fabulous views of Miami and Miami Beach. Miami Beach condos that are not brand new but still luxurious are also available and great deals are there for the taking.

North of 16 th Street, Collins Avenue is lined with Condominiums sitting directly on the water. These condos are reasonably priced and have many of the amenities that the newer luxury condominiums have including valet service, fitness centers, pool services, and convenient stores. A condominium north of 16th offers easy access to South Beach without the hustle and bustle that you get when you own a condo directly in South Beach.

A staple of Miami Beach condominiums is the four-story and under structures that were built in the ’40s and ’50s. These condos carry with them the charm, color scheme, and simplicity of old school Miami Beach. Many condos have been redone and ready for immediate occupancy. Others are ripe for a relative steal, just begging for renovation.In South Beach , these condos are sure to have their original art deco heritage because they are protected as historical sites. Once you leave South Beach , vintage condos not protected by law are still available in their original style.

Sun, fun and convenience is what Miami Beach living is all about, but the city also offers services that accommodate family living. Miami Beach has four public elementary schools and a middle and high school. Private schools are also scattered throughout the area offering students both religious and secular educations. The Miami Beach Parks and Recreation department offers many programs for children, adults, and seniors. Municipal tennis courts, public swimming pools, and even an ice rink are available. There are several summer camp programs for kids with varying interests, and a host of classes, which include martial arts, weight training, and ice-skating.

If condominium rental is your interest, the Condo Company can help you there, also. Condos of all shapes and sizes are available for rent throughout Miami Beach. Many of the buildings that line Collins Avenue are perfect for those looking for beachfront, rental living. The vintage, art deco style units are also perfect to rent and are priced to meet a variety of budgets. If you are an owner of a Miami Beach condo and you wish to rent or sell your unit, The Condo Company is the place to turn. As a leader in the condo marketplace, their marketing team is the best around and offers personalized service second to none.

No matter what your interest, whether you are alone, with roommates, or with a family, a Miami Beach condominium can facilitate you. Whether rental is your option, or purchase is your need, The Condo Company, with its expert staff and access to information, is the place to turn for your Miami Beach condo needs.

Early in the 20th century, a few farsighted tycoons, mostly from the Midwest , who had their fortunes in the burgeoning automobile industry, separately conceived an idea for a playground for the leisure class. Among their most preposterous projects was the dredging of Biscayne Bay to create a man-made beach paradise offshore. This new, elegant, city of Miami was created out of a mangrove swamp; for those lucky enough to afford the pristine homes built along the new white sand bulkheads of this beautifully engineered paradise. There were some unforeseen additional benefits to the dredging of the bay and filling the sand pit-come-mangrove swamp that had been the foundation of the new beach front. Mosquitoes and sand flies no longer had a place to breed. High-stakes’ yacht races could be found in the new deep water of Biscayne Bay,formerly a shallow lagoon.

Miami and its cities became a vacation spot, Miami Beach, soon became as famous as the new winter home of the millionaires. The real estate entrepreneurs were delighted to find that dredging the waters was surprisingly inexpensive. Because there was no rock or coral to get in the way, but only sand, they dredged and dredged, creating more and more luxury waterfront property. Art Deco restaurants and hotels in the latest architectural style that was all the rage sprang up almost everywhere. These hotels are among the most fabulous in the world, and among the most historic in America.South Beach alone boasts original Art Deco hotels dating from the 1920’s. The buildings clustered together along the oceanfront, are painted in a wild, delightful mix of pastel colors of jewel pink and coral, sparkling sea turquoise, dewy fond green, and sunny yellow. Although many of them fell into neglect and disrepair during the bleak days of the Great Depression, they have been lovingly restored and are as inviting as ever.

They welcome today’s traveler with promises of fine living and exquisite service. Thanks to the innovation of the founding “pioneers”, they have withstood the test of time and the elements. Like the “billion dollar sandbar” on which they were built, they were made to last.