Santa Monica

Santa Monica Condos

Santa Monica real estate is some of the most valuable. Condos in Santa Monica are in ample supply and are located in various areas. Main Street is located on the southern end of Santa Monica and is a great area. Condos in this area are in high demand. Many condos for sale around Main Street are sold shortly after reaching the market, if it reaches the market at all. Larger tower-like buildings are beachfront, while smaller four-, five-, and six-story walk-ups are inland. The Main Street area is very communal, with a large pedestrian culture.

Nightlife, restaurants, and boutique shopping make this area a desirable locale. Farther north is the area in and around the Third Street Promenade. The Promenade is a very popular shopping area that has movie theaters, dining, and entertainment. Many luxury Santa Monica condos overlook the beach. New towers are going up that will surely attract those who are accustomed to the luxury lifestyle. Inland, smaller walk-up are available.

This area is one of the most sought after in all of Los Angeles and these condos in Santa Monica do not stay unsold for long. And even farther north, by Montana Avenue, luxury condos in Santa Monica intermingle with luxury homes to create a beautiful area filled with people that share a common way of life. Here, people are constantly outside, jogging, working out, and eating healthy. The famed Santa Monica steps are in this area and people come from all over to get the workout of their lives. Joggers and power-walkers line the median on San Vincente and a wheatgrass shot is always just minutes away. LAX is roughly 20 minutes away and the 10 freeway gives you a straight shot to downtown and to the 405 freeway.

The PCH is right there providing one of the most scenic drives anywhere. The schools in the Santa Monica area fantastic and there are plenty of extracurricular activities to keep students busy. A Santa Monica condo is perfect for both full- and part-time residents.