Mesa Condos

Mesa is located in the Southeastern portion of Valley. Founded in 1878 by Mormon pioneers, Mesa has burgeoned to the third largest city in Arizona and it is the second largest suburban city in the country rapidly coming up on a population of 450,000. Mesa is a big city with a small town attitude. It is a bedroom community with a vengeance and residential concerns take precedence over commercial ones.

Mesa voters and residents continually turn away such projects as a proposed stadium for the Arizona Cardinals, and large noisy attractions such as nightclubs. Despite a reputation as a middle class city, areas such as the Las Sendas community contain some of the most exclusive housing in the state. And luxury condominiums are a part of the mix.  Mesa has the largest arts center in the state and several museums in the downtown area. It has a big city school system and numerous parks and recreational facilities located through the city.

It borders on Usery Mountain Park which features outdoor recreation in a natural setting and the finest outdoor archery range in the Southwest, and it’s hard to be out of sight of a golf course. Among private attractions the Golfland/Sunsplash water park is one of the state’s largest.  Your Mesa condominium can be chosen from any type of condo in any type of neighborhood. From bargain condos to upscale luxury condominiums Mesa is big enough to provide all types of residential condominiums in a city geared to its residents.  Mesa is located at the Eastern end of the Valley and connects with all major freeways.

Mesa condo real estate is varied and has in common only the fact that the city is geared to residential interests; Mesa is the largest city in the United States without a property tax for example. The covers the variety of this exciting, growing city and is ready to help you make your choice of Mesa condominiums.