Arizona Biltmore

Arizona Biltmore Condos

The Arizona Biltmore area is located in Central Phoenix. It consists of several neighborhoods from one of Phoenix’ wealthier areas backed up into the Piestewa Peak area and running down to Camelback Road. A distinctly upscale neighborhood from Camelback south to Indian School Road and a middle class area below that extending as far south as MacDowell Road and the 202 Red Mountain freeway. Taking it’s name from the Arizona Biltmore, and exclusive hotel/resort, the area north of Camelback consists of wealthier homes and condominiums, buffered from Camelback by the Biltmore Fashion Park, a shopping center of upscale stores and restaurants across the street from mixed use commercial skyscrapers.

Mixed use commercial buildings and condos continue on either side of the shopping center on both sides of Camelback, buffering both the wealthy neighborhoods to the north and the upscale area to the south.  South of Indian School Road the area is more eclectic middle class with extensive apartment house conversions to condo space, in close proximity to the commercial/office space along Camelback and much of the area’s condominium residents can walk to work, which is rare in the Valley usually only available in Downtown or Tempe condos.

Your Arizona Biltmore condominium can run from one of the most luxurious in the state to a plain vanilla apartment house conversion to a condominium, with most stops in between. All three areas have an upscale wealthy reputation, and the largest breadth of retail in the Valley. The schools are rated well, but the area lacks park space and amenities for children available elsewhere.  The Arizona Biltmore is located from Twentieth Street to Thirty-fifth Street along Lincoln, Camelback, Indian School, Thomas and MacDowell, as a rule of thumb, increasing in wealth as one travels north. It is served by the Red Mountain Freeway (Route 202) and the Pisestewa (formerly Squaw Peak) Expressway.  Arizona Biltmore condo real estate is in a varied area and one can find most condo types available at any given time. It works well for those who work in the area particularly. keeps abreast of this vital condominium neighborhood at the heart of America’s fastest growing major city.