Can I Garden in a Condominium?

One of the things that many people worry about when considering purchasing a condo is if they will have outdoor gardening space. While with the traditional single-family house you own the building and the land surrounding it, with a condominium you only own the actual condo itself. The land is owned communally by the homeowners association.

The answer to this question is, somewhat annoyingly, that there is no one answer. Whether or not you will be able to have outdoor gardening space depends heavily on your condominium Association. There definitely are some condominium associations where individuals are allowed to garden in certain areas of the complex. However, there are also some condominiums where no outside gardening is allowed. It is a good idea to check with the condominium Association before you think of purchasing a property if outdoor gardening is very important to you.

Another solution for individuals who live in condominiums were they cannot garden is to look for community plots. More and more urban areas these days are setting aside certain places where the community can get together and garden on a separate plot. Many people who live in communities where they cannot garden on their own land enjoy working with their friends and neighbors on a community garden.

There are many differences between living in a condominium and living in a single-family house. However, if you give it a chance you will find that condominium living is stress free and easy. Contact us today at Condo Company to learn more about the joys of condominium life.

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