Condo Maintenance

So you have just moved into a new condo. There’s a lot to learn about your new place and everything the community has to offer. But sometimes, when it comes to maintenance, you can be confused with what you can and what you have to do.

Usually, with a condo you can assume that everything outside of your condo will be maintained with the fees that everyone pays into to live in the community. It’s pretty easy to find out if that’s the case at your condo by checking the association’s documents or your contract. That way you can easily avoid any confusion on that matter.

Oftentimes the resident in a specific unit has control over what’s inside of that unit. You basically pay for control of the inside of the condo, while the association as a whole controls everything outside. It’s always best to ask or check your contract if you are thinking of doing any major work like adding another air conditioner or drilling anything large into a wall of your condo. Unlike many situations in life, it’s NOT easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask for permission when it comes to your condo and the condo association.

The things that can get confusing are what is considered the limited common elements of a condo. These would be the things outside of a specific unit that only benefit that unit. These are air conditioners, balconies, ducts, doorsteps and other things of that nature. When something happens to these or you want to make changes, definitely consult the condo association to find out what you can do. More importantly, find out what you have to cover yourself and what the association will still take care of even if it is a limited common element.

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