Some of the Best Places to Buy a Condo

Looking for a big change in life? Maybe you’re a young professional moving out of an apartment (or even the parents house). You want a condo, but you don’t want all of your salary going into it. Or maybe you’re someone looking to buy a condo to rent and make some extra income. That’s fine. Here are some of the best places right now for condo shopping.

First of all, the best place in the country right now is Las Vegas. Las Vegas was probably hit the hardest during the recession, and prices are really reflecting that. They have come down a lot and since almost everyone believes recovery is coming now is a good time to start investing in that condo. Even if the recovery is slow it works out better for you. You’ll be paying off the condo while the value in the area goes up.

Another great place to buy a condo is down in Orlando, Florida. Despite being near Disney, real estate in the area has fallen pretty low and stayed down. Best to get a condo now before rents start rising. Another similar situation is in Phoenix Arizona. It’s likely that an investment now will pay off as rents rise during the slow but sure recovery.

It certainly is the time to buy or have a mortgage on a new condo. If you’re looking for somewhere else in the country to move to chances are you will still get a great deal. Just be sure to do your research. Some places really are a lot cheaper or promise a greater return on investment than others.

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