Condo Company - The Online Marketplace For Condos was the first worldwide database of condos on the Internet. The site has evolved over the years, originally it served as a site for a full real estate brokerage that focused mainly on condos for sale called The Condo Company Inc. The site is now under new management and has turned into an online market place for buyers, sellers, owners, and more to research and evaluate the condo real estate markets around the world. Particularly in the United States the condo market has seen it’s ups and downs over the last 20+ years, hitting a high point in the late 90s to early 2000s. During this time there was considerable over development of condos in many cities particularly in Florida and other vacation destinations.

When the real estate market collapsed the condominium market was hit particularly hard because of this over development. We imagine the market will continue to fluctuate, maybe drastically, in years to come. The good news is these fluctuations allow for buyers and sellers to capitalize on sales by trying to time these fluctuations. Right now there still seems to be an abundance of condos on the market, particular in cities where there was over development like Miami Beach (really all of Florida), Boston, Atlanta, and many more. There is still a large rate of foreclosures on condominiums in these markets which could potentially be an opportunity for buyers that can get in now at a low cost. Of course there is plenty of risk for further depreciation so this is by no means advice on whether to buy or sell, simply a statement of the current fluctuations in various markets. Our site primarily focuses on condo buildings themselves versus individual condo units or listings.

Most Popular Cities for Condos

Since buying a condo is essentially buying a piece of a larger building or condominium our belief is that these buildings themselves are just as important to evaluate as an individual listing within a building. You are basically buying into a sub-community or a city or town. Living in a condo has it’s positives and negatives. On one hand you get benefits like:

Low maintenance costs Prime living locations for a lower cost An array of amenities that vary widely depending on the particular condo building Being part of a community of residents to interact with Built in security provided by your condo association or building.

Conversely you give up certain things some people prefer with a traditional home like:

1. Privacy Freedoms that may be restricted by a condo association.
2. More space.
3. More location options.
4. Ability to do more customization to your home or remodeling.

These are all important considerations for potential condo owners when thinking about a purchase. Buying a condo also can give you more of an investment opportunity than a house, mainly because of the potential for it to be used as a vacation rental instead of your full time residence. Most condo associations have restrictions on renting our your condo which can vary from not allowing it at all to allowing short term rentals which can be very valuable in vacation destinations or if your condo will be a second home. We are continually trying to improve our site to provide users with the tools they need to research buying or selling condos. We publish a daily news article that cover a variety of topics related to condominiums in general or sometimes related to specific cities. We also provide a place for developers to advertise or promote their new buildings. We always clearly identify advertisements on the site as to not be confused with condo information about buildings that we have included in our database purely for informational purposes. Our site is also structured and organized using a hierarchy system where the home page of condo company is the top level, from there you can select a state from the drop down menu to view information about condos in particular states.

From the state pages there is a similar drop down menu where you can select a specific city which contains information on condos for sale and rent in that city. From the city pages you have a variety of option such as selecting a particular condominium building, this while bring you to that building page which is dedicated with information about that particular condo and condos for sale in that building. You will find a variety of resources and links to local real estate companies that focus on that building. Furthermore you can also decide to fill our our more information form and we will send you any additional information on condos for sale or lease in that building. Alternatively, if you choose you can use our condo search form on the home page as well as state and city pages to search for resources related to condos in a particular city. Navigating using this method will direct you immediately to a resulting page of various companies that advertise their services for condos in that city. This is the quickest way to find a real estate agent in a specific city that focuses on that condo market. Please browse around our site and if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!